Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Alice "Swallowed it Like it Was her Favorite Protein Supplement"

*ALL of Alice's Reviews are HERE*

According to her first review on TER, Alice at Mirage Escorts of Toronto is both motivated and gifted when it comes to the arts or oral pleasure!  We have excerpted a snippet from the juicy details section of the review on TER:

"The door opens, I enter and hiding behind it is a smiling attractive young lady with nice blue eyes. She wraps her arms around me and and I grab a handful of her ass. She leads me to the bedroom and I examine her body as I follow her. She is not slim, not big/fat but average built with youth holding everything in place. Alice embraced me again as we entered the room and I rushed off to the shower for my ultra quick 30 second shower. When I returned Alice was already naked standing up and what a sight it was. Beautiful young, smiling brunette with young breasts waiting for me. I walked towards her and stopped 1 foot in front of her and without hesitation she dropped to her knees and put me in her wet, warm mouth and started slowly sucking me off. Over a minute or so this progressed to a fast bobbing technique which made my knees week so we went to the bed where DFK and mutual hand exploring occurred before she made her way down again to fill up her mouth with my beast. I really wanted to experience CG and doggy since I heard she can take a real pounding but the BBBJ was so good I came there in her mouth and she swallowed all of it as if it was her favorite protein supplement....."

Deep breath.  The rest of the review and other crucial details are available here on TER.

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